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Spay & Neuter

    Spay & Neuter for Improved Pet Health

    Spay & NeuterIf you do not plan on breeding your dog or cat, we recommend that you spay or neuter your pet.

    The best time to do this is around 6 months of age. Spaying or neutering is important because of it:

    • Promotes health and lifespan
      This procedure is very safe and helps prevent cancer of the mammary and testicles, uterine infections, and prostate problems in animals
    • Helps control overpopulation
      Many pets are euthanized simply because there is no room in shelters and no one wants to adopt them; spaying and neutering is the single most important thing you can do to change this situation
    • Reduces many problem behaviors
      Such as urine marking, aggression, and wandering and roaming

    An altered pet lives longer, and generally has fewer medical problems and a better temperament if this is done at an early age. Many unwanted animals are euthanized every year, so we encourage you to help reduce pet over-population.


    For some frequently asked questions on the issue of spaying and neutering, read this interesting and informative article
    from the Humane Society of the United States.

    Ballston Animal Hospital remains open and available! We have transitioned to curbside care for the time being. We remain committed to providing you with excellent care while doing our part to promote health and wellness in our community. Updates and more information on safety protocols can be found here